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sipping sip of tea,outlet hogan online italia, smoke a cigarette, he stood by the dawn. In order to exclude insanity 16 years of Amin's wife the night away from home, the old Lu night vigil, has been twelve years. Lu family's yard,scarpe hogan uomo, tree longan tree year from marrying Amin had planted has become increasingly green Emotion. Time flies, and the agreement remain unchanged. "I am the wife of 'security', will always be with her." Old Lu said. That year, his father returned to his hometown in Guangxi Lu meter long,hogan donna, with a total stranger unexpectedly Amin first met, at first sight. After a lapse of 23 years, even though his wife of the mind is not clear, nor old Lu changed his mind. In order to take care of Amin, he almost never been out of the village workers, in recent years in addition to grow some vegetables to eat, and even gave up two acres administered by private plots. Keep quiet night: every night from 11:00 to keep the dawn Twelve years,hogan sneakers, the people go home late at night after night,ua store, no matter how big that the only access to the village of Village Road,longchamp solde, will beheld a night does not close the doors of the people, the men who sat alone under the lamp smoke tea. Twelve years ago to recover from depression since leaving Amin's wife the day,air max pas cher femme, Lu Comptroller guard wife sitting by the door every night to sleep,sac longchamp solde.
pain in my heart, and sometimes provide some assistance within its capacity. Neighbor Ms. Zhang said: "such a small child at the school would also like to cook, do homework,nike tn officiel, very hard, his family and an adult in order to carry out its responsibilities to assume things up, indeed it was impressive." During the interview, the reporter found, Xiao Ran did not talk much, do housework, caring for his father,hogan prezzi, usually silent,under armour running, his face beginning to end without a smile,hogan interactive, but did not get irritated,under armour running, but did not get angry. Naive romantic age, and responsibility to carry how much suffering to so silently accept? "I hope my father can stand up,nike tn 2014, have good people to help secure a prosthetic father." In the reporter asked Xiao Ran uttered the wish in my heart, this desire is not new stationery, nor is pretty new clothes and more not a gourmet meal, but about my father. Father for failing to give their children a normal life of guilt, was the daughter of his father's health concerns. Deep affection daughter, overflowing shabby homes. Economically,nike air max 1, they are destitute,hogan, but in spirit, perhaps they were rich. Xiao Ran this year in fourth grade, academic performance among the best in the class. Understand her people sincerely hope that the enthusiastic people in society can lend a helping hand to help her, help her to remove the burden, to help her start a better life. (Finish) Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (ediEach long night,hogan world, Lu Comptroller would like to sit guarding the sick wife on the doorstep of the bench. Amin day most of the time hiding in this little room upstairs. His wife became ill, very shy, hiding all day shabby upstairs room, and even have to hide her husband, Lu Comptroller very helpless, but also had a day so silently guarded. Text / reporter Yang Bo Figure / reporter He waves 11 pm every night, with the alarm clock rang,nike tn officiel, Lu Comptroller Gaoming big village begins woke up and strolled to sit down on the wooden door of the main room sofa.











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