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KMT Chairman Chu 20th meeting Heilongjiang provincial party secretary Wang Xiankui said that in the "1992 consensus" basis, the number of cross-strait exchanges to jointly promote, including economic and trade exchanges, tourism tourism,, the two sides are committed towards peaceful development. Chu,air max, accompanied by the Chairman of the Special Adviser and the KMT Mainland Affairs Department Director Kao Koong-lian,, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Secretary Wang Xiankui met. Chu his speech said that cross-strait relations after former Chairman Lien Chan visited the mainland in 2005, launched a new milestone; after 2008,nike running, the two sides jointly promote the healthy development of cross-strait relations, etc. including economic, cultural and social exchanges and cooperation with each other,nike scarpe uomo, there are many interactive. Chu said that the "1992 consensus" basis under the cross-strait exchanges and jointly promote a lot.
was first in authority "National Unification Council" finalized by the plenary session. But now Lee Teng-hui was obsessed with this year no 1992 consensus,acheter chaussures, "the term." Lee Teng-hui, of course not wrong, because even the Su did not deny, but then Lee deliberately evaded authorities resolutions and spiritual meaning behind it,ray ban pas cher, apparently he also knows that the 1992 consensus is not aimless. Analysis,, interactive practice from both sides in recent years, the awareness of the 1992 consensus, willing to give each other space,abercrombie fitch, on this basis,acquistare tn, promote cross-strait relations, enhance exchanges, further strengthening mutual trust and create peace and a win-win, this is the real value , Lee Teng-hui is "An Inconvenient truth." (Indian red Rom) (Original title: Wang reported: Lee Teng-hui unwilling to face the truth of the 1992 consensus) EdBEIJING.
especially the people are concerned about things, including economic and trade exchanges,nike france, tourism, cultural exchanges, cooperation in agriculture, science and technology development, the two sides are committed towards peace direction forward. Speaking Heilongjiang Province,rayban remise, Chu pointed out that there are differences between Heilongjiang Province and Taiwan in climate, geography, tourism on a different meaning, a different culture. Taiwan and Heilongjiang provinces are affected by the same multicultural. Chu said, hope to have the opportunity to also visit Heilongjiang Province, enhance mutual communication and interaction. (Original title: Chu: committed under the "1992 consensus" cross-strait peace) EdBEIJING,doudoune parajumpers, May 6 (Xinhua) Taiwan,dame rayban, "Wang" on the 6th article said, is called the "1992 consensus" of the term "founder" of the Taiwan authorities before the "Security Council Secretary-General" Su once said, when this is really no 1992 consensus, "the term" cross-strait mutual understanding but the spirit is there, which also contributed to restart negotiations after the two associations door, lay the foundation for peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Analysts say that the spirit is the core understanding of "shelving disputes and equal consultations." Presentation of Lee Teng-hui in 1992.
Nov. 29 (Xinhua) news, Taiwan's "Jiuhe Yi" election vote today, voting ended around 16:00, and start billing. According to Taiwan's electoral department, it is expected to be completed tonight 23:00 billing work. Taiwan's "Jiuhe Yi" elections include Taipei, the new Taipei, Taoyuan City (Taoyuan County, restructuring),, Taichung, Tainan,,lunette de soleil ray ban, Kaohsiung 6 "municipalities long", "municipality",lunettes de soleil ray ban, Mr Mayor and counties, cities and counties Mr township mayors, township representatives of the people and the "municipality" minority mayor, "municipality" Minority ward representatives and nine kinds of long village election,scarpe nike online, will elect 11,chaussure giuseppe zanotti,,130 local office. The number of registered candidates totaled 19,zanotti pas cher,762 people, including "municipalities" mayor candidates 20 counties (cities) long 64 candidates, "municipality" Mr candidates 688 counties (cities), Mr election 920 people, the township (town / city) long candidate 475,scarpe nike air max outlet, township (town / city) people on behalf of candidates 3287, the village (in) long 14194 candidates, "municipality" Aboriginal District chief on behalf of the citizens and candidates 114. Today, including Ma Ying-jeou, Jiang Yi Hua,chaussures femme pas cher,, Tsai Ing-wen and many other Taiwan political figures to the polls today to vote. Taiwan's electoral department head Liu Yi Zhou said,, looking forward to the election turnout rate of about 6 to 5-7 percent.



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