Mojo Bag

With my recent delving into the folk magic practice of Hoodoo, it is inevitable to come across mojo bags. If you watch the show "Supernatural", you'll probably recognize these. They got a lot of it down, except that mojo bags aren't as suited to hexes as they are to other uses.

对于我最近钻研的Hoodoo这种民间巫术实践来说,mojo bag是无法被忽略的。如果你观察以超自然为主题的展览时,你可能会发现它们。他们会挂上很多很多个类似的东西,除非那个袋子对巫师来说并不是像其他的方法那样适合。

A mojo bag is a flannel bag (traditionally red, but color correspondences can also be adhered to) filled with herbs and other magical objects that together have a magical effect. These can be used for almost any purpose. When one creates a mojo bag, one wears it close their skin. And the bag is carried around when its magic is needed.

If the bag is to be used to cast a spell on somebody, a taglock of the person is placed into the it.

On the making of a mojo bag, it must have at least three items. The most common is herbs, but also stones, sigils/seals (these may be those of spirits or ones you create. Note that the seals found in the Black Pullet are also frequently employed), and petition papers (addressed to the spirit who will be assisting in the work). All in all, have at least three items at nine at the most.

If you do plan on employing spirits, make sure you give them their own offerings and invoke them properly.

In the ritual of making a mojo bag, have all your herbs etc. with you as well as the bag.
Light a candle and some incense. The colors and scent should correspond to the working.

Take up each ingredient and talk to the bag as you work. Yes, like it's a really person. Compliment it and tell it exactly why each herb is added. You may vibrate the name of the spirit you are working with, to make sure that spirit's energy is included in the work. Also, you can recite psalms after all the herbs etc. are put in. Each psalm has its own use in magic, which you can find in any good book on hoodoo but also online. Remember: Google, C'est Ton Amie!
Seal it up good, with a rubber band or sew it shut. Next, pass it through incense smoke and sprinkle it with salt water. Then pass it over the candle's flame.

On to breathing life into your mojo bag. You can begin with recitation from genesis about God breathing life into Adam, but this is not necessary.
Hold the bag in your left hand and call out to it to wake up three times. If you gave it a special name, call it by that one. If it has no other name, call it "Toby". Tell toby it's time to get up and do some work for you. Pat it thrice, nudging it awake.
Fill your lungs with air and blow with pursed lips on it three times.
Finally welcome him to life!

Dress Toby in a special oil at least once a week (the usual hoodoo oils you can get online). This keeps him alive. It's like you're feeding him.

When it's time to use him, tell him exactly what you want him to do and carry him around you in secret, don't let anyone see or touch it!

When you're done with Toby, tell him he's done well and take him apart. Leave the herbs etc. at a crossroads to disperse their mojo.



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